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Africa Health Trust

Africa Health Trust is a Scottish charity and we are members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Our work started in 1998.
We support the Millennium Development Goals by targeting the causes poverty. Improved access to education for all and providing writing materials needed in schools and learning facilities , encourage domestic industry and promote community development and family cohesion.


Africa Health Trust secures memorandums of Understanding with governments inviting our participation.
We work closely with professionals around the world and in the respective countries we serve to ensure our projects are relevant, focused and achieve their desired outcomes and objectives.

. Our Mission

Africa Health Trust, an organization with a broad regional presence spanning 22 African nations, operates as a resource-centric entity where individuals generously volunteer their time, and organizations collaboratively effect positive change through resource sharing.

Our primary initiative focuses on promoting BSC-N (Nurse) Scholarships, with the overarching goal of incentivizing the retention of clinical expertise and thereby mitigating the departure of healthcare professionals to countries such as the UK and USA.

Recognising that a significant number of medical professionals would consider returning to practice if they had access to essential supplies, such as gloves and safety devices to prevent needle-stick injuries, we embarked on a mission to engage and garner support from procurement and donor organisations across the globe.

. Responsibilty

Facilitating the local production of pharmaceuticals in nations and examining the underlying factors contributing to poverty, which exert significant strain on healthcare systems, is a critical endeavour.

It is imperative to acknowledge the inherent interdependence of humans and their environment. It is worth noting that Africa predominantly sustains itself through agriculture.

The prevalence of free markets, driven by imports from abroad and intended to lower prices, has progressively eroded domestic markets, thereby jeopardising the self-sufficiency of communities and rendering many reliant on external aid.

. Company Value

Capital investment fostering agricultural biodiversity and mechanization technology to enhance yields plays a pivotal role in the economic revival of all African nations and the reinstatement of a communal sense of independence and overall well-being.

The establishment of robust institutions is imperative in Africa, serving as a fundamental requirement to attract investors, alongside the essential elements of local accountability and improved governance. Moreover, the implementation of stringent regulatory frameworks is vital to facilitate industrial growth and ensure adherence to quality standards.

Significantly, quality education, access to meaningful employment opportunities, and exposure to cutting-edge technology are paramount factors contributing to the region’s progress and development.