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Africa Health Trust

Africa Health Trust is a Scottish charity and we are members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Our work started in 1998.
We support the Millennium Development Goals by targeting the causes poverty. Improved access to education for all and providing writing materials needed in schools and learning facilities , encourage domestic industry and promote community development and family cohesion.


Africa Health Trust secures memorandums of Understanding with governments inviting our participation.
We work closely with professionals around the world and in the respective countries we serve to ensure our projects are relevant, focused and achieve their desired outcomes and objectives.

. Our Mission

Africa Health Trust is a resource based organization now based in 22 countries in Africa where people volunteer time and organizations make a difference by sharing resources.
We promote  BSC-N (Nurse) Scholarships with the aim of retention of clinical skills and therefore reduce the migration of health care professions leaving to other countries like the UK and USA.

Recognizing that many doctors and nurses will go back to work if they had access to basic supplies like gloves and safety devices that prevent needle stick injury, we got to work and appealed to procurement and donor organizations around the world. 

. Responsibilty

Helping countries manufacturer medicines locally and looking at the causes of poverty that ultimately place pressure on the health system.
It is impossible to separate humans from their environment. It is important to understand that Africa is primarily an Agricultural society. Free markets aimed at reducing prices by imports from abroad have eroded local markets and as a result the self sustainability of communities are threatened leaving many dependent on Aid.

. Company Value

Capital Investment that supports bio-diversification of agriculture and Mechanization technology to improve yields is key to the recovery of every nation in Africa and the restoration of the Community Concept of independence and general well-being.
Strong institutions are needed in africa and are a prerequisite for investors , coupled with local accountability and better governance.
Robust regulatory frameworks support industry development and management of standards. Quality Education, access to meaningful employment and exposure to ground breaking technology are major factors.